About Suriname

And where are you located?

Just north of the equator on the northeast coast of South America, in Suriname. A warm country with warm residents. The land spreads itself over 163.000 km2 and has a coastline of 386 kilometer. Suriname is a melting pot of different cultures, which have their own story, tradition, and language and live harmoniously together. A unique thing in the world.

Suriname is the greenest country in the world. It is covered for more than 80% by the wonderful untouched Amazon rainforest. The country has the Atlantic Ocean to the North, French Guyana to the East, Brazil to the South and British Guyana to the West. The temperature averages between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius.

How do you arrive in Suriname?

You can choose from the following national airlines for flights from and to Suriname: SLM, KLM, InselAir and BWI. Apart from the sky Suriname can also be reached by the road. We then use the ferry service with Guyana and French Guyana.

Suriname was divided into 10 districts in 1985:

1    Brokopondo
2    Commewijne
3    Coronie
4    Marowijne
5    Nickerie
6    Para
7    Paramaribo
8    Saramacca
9    Sipaliwini
10  Wanica

Each district is divided into resorts, which are led by a district commissioner. Each district has its own sights and places of interest.


Suriname is democratic republic with a president as head of state. The highest political body is The National Assembly. It comprises 51 representatives of the people.

Government of Suriname


Suriname counts about 500.000 residents with ancestors from all over the world. The eldest are the Indians, who rather call themselves indigenous. From 1650 the colonial rulers took slaves from Africa to Suriname. Their descendants are called Afro Americans or Creole nowadays. Descendants of runaway slaves are called Maroon. After the abolition of slavery in 1863, contract workers came from India, Indonesia, and China to work on the plantation. Also Jews and Lebanese came here to establish themselves. When Suriname became independent on the 25th of November 1975, Haitians, Brazilians, and Guyanese started coming to Suriname to try their luck. Every culture still speaks their native tongue. In the Capital Paramaribo 55% of the population stays and work.


The official language is Dutch, because of the Dutch colonial period. Suriname recognizes about twenty other tongues. The colloquial tongue is the Sranang Tongo with words originally from Africa, English, Portuguese, and Dutch. The first words learnt when visiting Suriname are “Fa Waka” (Sranang Tongo for “How are you?”). The different cultures use their native tongue to communicate with their own. Furthermore, most people speak and understand English well.


The monetary unit of the country is the Surinamese Dollar and is written as SRD. The exchange rate is valued at  USD1 = SRD3.25. Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks and money changers (locally known as cambio).

Important Phone Numbers
Fire Department
First Aid   
Weekend doctor

Child Support Line


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