Five Surinamese movies at TBL Cinemas

Starting today, the five selected films from the I-Write Project are shown at TBL Cinemas. A week long the short films can be seen every night during prime time.

Greta's Hope
(Martin Panday), Nina and Jimmy (Genelva Krind), Nightmare (Nazia Dinmohamed) The tip of Beyoncé (Sergio Emanuelson) and How Suicidal Thoughts Turn Into Homicide (Anjenie Ramdjanamsing). These are the titles of the  movies. Visitors can vote by phone for their favorite film, each provider will announce a special number.

The film project of Bijlhout Media was launched in February. Anyone who was interested could participate. A total of 33 scripts were submitted, from which a jury ultimately selected five scripts. Of these five scripts an actual film was made with a length between 5 and 15 minutes. Last month the five films premiered at TBL Cinemas.  The audience responded very enthusiastically.

After one week the films will be shown on television for those who missed it and viewers can vote. Around October 14 the overall winner is announced. He or she will receive a special award.