Attractions & Sights in Suriname

Everyone should enjoy their holidays, even children. Suriname has countless activities, many of which take place outdoors thanks to the weather that is always warm in Suriname. Activities include swimming or junior plantation tours. Of course, a visit to the Paramaribo zoo should be on your list of things to do – amusing  monkeys, wild jaguars and exotic birds.

Also, don’t forget the petting zoo with its colourful buildings that house tame, friendly animals who would like to be your friend.
If you want to experience some culture, there is plenty to see at the children’s museum. The fairy tale woods in Vierkinderen in the Para district is also very much worth a visit. See your favourite fairy tale characters and wade through the water or horse around on the playground.

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing something different for a change:  special afternoons for tinkering and making things are organised during different events.  
There is also a go-cart raceway for the tough boys and girls looking for adventure.
There are many playgrounds, computer game shops, a water park and swimming pools, etc. In short, there are all sorts of activities and things to do!

  • Fairy Tale Forest & Climbing park

    Het Sprookjes Bos (Fairy tale Forest), visit the fairy tale houses, swimming facilities, playground and much more at Kinderboerderij (Kids Farm).

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  • Paramaribo Zoo

    Visit the Paramaribo Zoo and see some exotic animals, from graceful jaguars to zippy monkeys. The petting zoo, with its colourful buildings has tame friendly animals who would like to have you as a friend.

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  • TBL Cinemas

    TBL Cinemas biedt haar bezoekers een ruime keuze aan films die bekeken kunnen worden in een van de 5 film zalen welke zijn uitgerust met comfortable stoelen, top notch beeld- en geluidsapparatuur. Niet alleen de grote Hollywood films maar ook de Bollywood films komen aan hun trekken bij TBL Cinemas.

    Filmschema? Klik hier.

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  • Villa Zapakara

    Explore the world! Childrens museum Villa Zapakara is not a museum to put your hands behind your back and view art or historical objects.

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