Top Destinations in Suriname

Anaula Nature Resort

The Anaula Nature Resort invites you to an unforgettable nature and culture happening. The virgin rain forest, the wild rapids and the exquisite flora and fauna make up the unique setting of this resort. It is situated on an island in the Upper Suriname River, at a base of the Ferulassi Falls. All the lodges are equipped with bathrooms with shower and toilet and each have their own porch with a beautiful view of the river. During your stay you can participate in several excursions like a forest walk, discovering caimans or a walk through the village. You can relax at the swimming pool on the resort.

Arapahu Island

The powerful rapids have been running unabated for centuries. An incredible variety of birds, insects, and other wild animals play a never ending rainforest symphony. The evergreen imposing tree and plants, the canopy of the tropical rainforest provide us with a breathtaking spectacle. Arapahu is situated in the Southwest of Suriname in the Corantijn River and it offers its guests an unspoiled scenery. During your trip you can visit the mighty Anora and King George Falls, hike over rocks, make educational forest walks, enjoy adventurous boat trips, animal spotting, bird watching, swimming, eco fishing, relax on small beaches or in a rapid (a Jacuzzi in the river) and go on a sunrise boat trip on the mighty Corantijn River.


Awarradam jungle lodge is built on an idyllic island in the Gran Rio River, hidden away in the Amazon rainforest at the foot of the Awarradam rapids. From here a half hour boat trip will take you to most of the downstream villages of the Saramaccans, descendants of the runaway slaves. This is a marvelous tour where you can intensely enjoy the virgin rainforest and the cheerful and warmhearted Saramaccans right from your comfortable jungle lodge. You will experience African traditions dating back 300 years.


In a dazzling tropical landscape on the banks of the Suriname River BERGENDAL offers you countless opportunities and have a luxurious time at that. Nature, culture and history are all part of every activity at BERGENDAL and it fills every guest anew with a feeling of appreciation and respect for our valuable ecological and cultural heritage.
BERGENDAL offers the first canopy-cableway ever in Suriname. When unrestrained, you sweep from platform to platform under the tree tops, and even over the Suriname River, you will be rewarded with a new and thrilling view of the spectacular rainforest and the wide river below you. Let your heart beat faster and give you sweat glands a workout during a challenging mountain bike excursion over rugged meandering trails through the tropical woodland. Hiking, kayaking, bird watching and even a strenuous kayak excursion on the Brokopondo artificial lake are some of of the other options to make your stay at BERGENDAL an exciting, adventurous and unforgettable experience.


Colakreek Recreation Park is a nature bathing resort in the middle of a beautiful savannah landscape. An ideal place for children as well as adults to relax in the cool Coca Cola colored water of the creek. Huts and vacation houses can be rented for overnight stays. Colakreek is only at a ten minute drive from the JAP International Airport. Cooling of after a long journey or even before a long journey can be done easily. On the premises there is a Savannah Education Center with information about the flora and fauna, surrounding villages and the history of the nature bathing resort.


“I weki no?” Did is Saramaccan for “Did you sleep well?” You will remember this sentence long after you have visited Danpaati. The lodge lies on the Upper Suriname River, in the South of Suriname, across the village of Dan. A visit to Danpaati will ensure a vacation unlike any other you have ever had. You will enjoy the authentic accommodation, the delectable local cuisine, the imposing environment and the beneficial traditional massages and (herbal) baths. During a nocturnal boat trip you might even spot Caimans along the riverbanks.
Regenerate yourself completely and leave the day to day worries far behind you? Danpaati offers you this opportunity. Pamper yourself with a delightful massage by one of our local masseurs, or slowly peddle down the river in a canoe. Are you looking for more adventure yet? Then learn how to survive in the jungle during an educational walk through the rain forest. Or even lend a hand on one of the agricultural plots or in one of the care projects. Your visit, as a matter of fact, contributes directly to the development and living conditions of the local population.

Danta Bai

Danta Bai is one of the beautiful places in the Upper Suriname area and is settled a short distance of the Apresine Sula. This Sula is e great rapid in this area and it is as wide as the Upper Suriname River. While visiting the neighboring villages you get the opportunity to enjoy the daily pursuits of the locals when they are fishing, hunting, making canoes (out of hollow trees), making clothes. You can also see how the local architecture and hierarchy has stayed intact. At Danta Bai you can relax in hammocks, enjoy the river view and the Danta Bai rapid, hike though nature while breathing the pure oxygen, relax in the rapids and enjoy our Surinamese kitchen.


The jodensavanna is named after the first Portuguese Jew immigrants from Brazil who came to Suriname in the 17th century and built a flourishing settlement. Most Jews settled in the now vanished town Thorarica, but then went to the savanna area about 50 kilometers south of Paramaribo. This became known as Jodensavanna. The Jodensavanna lies along the Suriname River and here you can the ruins of the synagogue Baracha Ve Shalom (Blessing and Peace) of 1685 and two Jew cemeteries. The ruins lay hidden on a hill in the middle of the Tropical Rainforest. It is known as the eldest and most important Jew synagogue of the Western Hemisphere.  There is a well of which is said that it contains healing powers. The well never dries up and has been flowing for centuries.


An expedition to the mysterious Kasikasima Mountains is ideal for the nature lover who enjoys a challenge. During the canoe trip from Trio and Wajana Amerindian village to the base camp you pass several spectacular rapids. The intensive climb to one of the tops of the imposing Kasikasima Mountains is richly rewarded with a breathtaking view of the widespread Amazon rainforest. Many people cherish this moment as one of the special experiences in their life. From the gorgeously situated base camp you get a thrill of the overwhelming flora and fauna. An absolute must for the adventurer. During your trip you will be accompanied by local Amerindian guides and a guide from Paramaribo.


Northeast of Paramaribo, along the Surinamese coast, lays the Matapica Nature Reserve. This reserve is mostly known of the lay season (mid-January- mid August). Four sorts of turtles come here to lay their eggs. At the rear there is a swamp which is a true heaven for bird lovers. Birds such as the red ibis, sabaku’s, and many more birds have their nests.  When all tourists have come together at Leonsberg, the journey is continued by boat to the old plantation Johanna Margaretha. The Matapica Nature Reserve is reached by little boats (max four persons per boat) sailing though the swamp.

Nature Resort Kabalebo

Nature Resort Kabalebo is a splendid logde, lying in the unspoiled Amazone rainforest in the western part of Suriname. The area urrouding the resort is rich with many types of wild animals and birds and is great for hikes and excursions. A stay at Nature Resort Kabalebo offers many options. You may choose to stay in the vicinity of the lodge and enjoy the magnificent nature,  Or allow yourself to be spoiled with refreshing drinks and exotic snacks, relaxing in a hammock while enjoying the sunset. You may also put together an active daily program and with a professional guide go searching for wild animals and colorful birds, visit the amazing Revelation Falls or adventurously kayak down the Kabalebo River. For the fishermen, the river is known for the many types of exotic fish. Following the catch, the fish are the directly released back into the river, because Nature Resort Kabalebo practices enduring tourism, with respect for the unspoiled environment. The resort is easily reached by daily flights from Zorg en Hoop airport located in the center of Paramaribo.


When you sit on the white sanded beach along the Suriname River, you have an excellent view of the imposing “Green walls” of the jungle. On the terrain there are a volleyball field, a soccer field, a playground and of course the river to swim and fish in. You can also hike through the forest accompanied by a guide and boat trips are organized to Jodensavanne and Brownberg. Overbridge Resort is about a hour drive away from Paramaribo.


Palumeu lays deep in the Amazon rainforest where the Trio and Wajana amerindians live. You will get acquainted with the lifestyle of the friendly inhabitants of this little piece of the tropical rainforest who live in total harmony with nature. The exquisite boat trips with a visit to the majestic rapids and a walk through the Amazon rainforest completes this experience.