Tourism in Suriname is growing and expanding. A big part of this expansion is nature tourism. Suriname is earning its place on the map by promoting the country as an eco-tourism destination. With 11 nature reserves, 1 nature park and 4 special nature areas, our country has become a true nature destination. The primeval forest forms a part of the largest rain forest in the world, the Amazon Rain Forest.  With the Central Nature Reserve of approximately 2,000,000 hectares, this is the largest protected tropical rain forest in the world.

The UNESCO has had this reserve on its World Heritage List since 2000. 80% of the country is still comprised of tropical rain forest.  

We recommend you contact a tour operator if you would like to visit Suriname. They are well represented. Never book a trip on the street. It is convenient to book a trip in advance.  

You can also contact the majority of tour operators for information. The tourism foundation, an extension of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Tourism, has its tourist centre at the Fort “Zeelandia Museum”.  

What to bring along