Travel agents & Touroparators in Suriname

During your visit you will notice that there are very many tour operators. We recommend that you use the recognised tour operators. Make sure you inquire on site. The breathtaking beauty of the country’s interior and its local population is a lot to take in. We recommend you hire a guide so that you don’t miss any of these amazing sites.

Local guides are excellent, and they generally speak English and Dutch. Suriname with all its wonders of nature, pure and untouched. Altogether, this forms incredible beauty as you tour the country’s interior areas – the primitive of the marrons and native residents are such a stark contrast to our western culture.

Searching for a tour trough our Untouched Rainforest? Discovering the city on a bike, walking excursions, or just a nice trip for your colleagues, friends or family? Our travel agents en touroperators will be happy to help you decide!

  • Bluewing airlines

    With an extensive inter-regional flight schedule we can fly you to the centre of Suriname as well as other regions. In no time, we will fly you to all the popular tourist attractions in the interior of Suriname. Would you like to charter a plane? This is also a possibility.

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  • METS tours & travel

    METS Travel and Tours develops sustainable tourism in Suriname and offers travel arrangements to those seeking a unique travel experience of high quality. We share a special bond with the indigenous of Palumeu and marroons at Awarradam and develop our activities in close collaboration with the regional and village authorities in the area surrounding the jungle lodges.

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  • Myrysji Tours

    In 1992 Wijnberg Tokoe (“Wayne”) and his sister Josien Tokoe began renting facilities to guests visiting their home village of Christiaankondre. This proved to be a successful venture for the many guests who returned year after year to enjoy village life and the Galibi Nature Reserve.

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  • Waldo's Worldwide Travel Service

    For all your foreign travel bookings you have come to the right place!

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