You will generally arrive at the Johan Adolf Pengel Airport in Zanderij. For flights from and to Suriname, you can choose from domestic and international airlines: SLM, KLM and InselAir.

If you did not arrange for transportation when you booked your hotel, you can take a taxi or bus from the Johan Aldolf Pengel airport to Paramaribo. It is best to arrange a price with the taxi driver in advance. The distance to the city is 45 km (approximately 50 minutes by car). For your own safety, don’t just get into any car that is available.

Domestic flight services are handled by Zorg en Hoop airport.

Public transportation and private busses are also referred to as “wild busses”. They ride set routes. and can transport 16 to 22 passengers at a time. It is an enjoyable and affordable way to explore Paramaribo. You pay approximately SRD 1.50 for a ride through the city centre and SRD 2.- for a ride to the neighbouring areas. The busses are equipped with loudspeakers, which will fill the air with loud music. They usually have a stop bell: simply press the button if you want to get off. Raise your hand to let the driver know that you want to get on the bus. He will stop unless the bus is full. There are bus stop signs everywhere; however, in the outlying areas these signs may be missing here and there. There is a set start and end stop.

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