‘Slavery is just two grandmas away’
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‘Slavery is just two grandmas away’. That is the temporary name of the TV series made by the NPS. A camera crew arrives on the 22nd of June to film in Paramaribo, on plantations and in Maroon villages.

The broadcaster pays attention to role of the Netherlands in the international slavery. Editor Carla Boos tells that this subject is still a little of a taboo in the Dutch community. ‘With this documentary we want to show the many different sides of slavery’ says Boos.

Stand up comedian Roué Verveer presents a part of the documentary. He will be searching for his roots in our country. Finally he will be standing eye to eye with a distant relative in Africa after he begins his search with his mother. The purpose of the series is not to gain apologies form the Dutch government but to show how slavery was and still is.